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Our small team combines local knowledge with personal experience of living and studying abroad. We know how important it is to match you with the right family, and we will do our utmost to make your family stay experience the best it can be. You can always reach out to us if you have any questions. As to be able to match all requirements , we build up an international team of American, Dutch and French that has extensive abroad living experience. Furthermore our experience in matching expectation give us an outstanding satisfaction rate from students and families. You are important to us, so at the end of all stay we conduct personal survey to make sure we offered you the best possible experience and as to make sure we will continue to do so for the friends you will refer to us.


Our Team


homestay team


Responsible for France

Speaks: English & French

E-Mail: arnaud@sh-eu.com 

homestay team


Responsible for France

Speaks: French 

E-Mail: svetlana@sh-eu.com 

homestay team


Responsible for Belgium

Speaks: English & Dutch & French

E-Mail: anne@sh-eu.com 

homestay team


Responsible for Holland

Speaks: English & Dutch

E-Mail: diederick@sh-eu.com