Please complete the application form and fill out all the sections.

Don't forget to read and accept the Terms and Conditions and the House Guidelines.

A refundable application fee of 80 euros is due upon submission the homestay application and validates your booking, by filling out the secured payment form.

It gives us guarantee of your booking, allowing us to make our research and send you all the information.


For stays of 8 weeks or less, total payment is due after you have received all details of your host. This payment serves as a final confirmation of your reservation with your host.

For any stays over 8 weeks, the first 8 weeks instalment is due before your arrival followed by monthly instalment.

You may also choose to pay the total amount of your stay by credit card, bank transfert or Paypal.

These payments are to be made monthly.

When payment has been received, we will forward you a receipt corresponding to your payment.

Any bank fees involved will be for the cost of the homestay guest.


Students wishing to extend their accommodation beyond the end date must contact StudentHomestayEurope. For extended periods which, are shorter than a week, accommodation will be charged on a per night basis.

Extensions are subject to availabilities. If an extension is not possible StudentHomestayEurope will endeavour to find you a similar alternative.

In case of interruption of stay because you cant adapt yourself to your host family, you have to inform StudentHomestayEurope at the beginning of your stay. There is no complaint acceptable after this period.

Once payment is received, there is no possible refund in cases of modifications of your stay. i.e. if you decide to arrive later or leave earlier

The family reserves the right to evict the guest student in case of serious problem. Similarily StudentHomestayEurope is entitled to decide not to provide another accommodation to the guest student concerned.

In case of leaving pre booked accommodation for another type of accommodation of your choice, two weeks notice is required to StudentHomestayEurope and to your family.


If you require accommodation in a twin room, you should request accommodation jointly with another student. Its an option for two friends (of the same gender) staying during the same period .